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APT's core competencies address critical roadblocks that drug companies encounter during all phases of development including: 1) making choices on drug leads 2) rescuing drugs that failed and 3) extending the life of blockbuster drugs.

Protein Informatics
Identify the right therapeutic targets

Protein Engineering
Optimize human therapeutic proteins

Protein Cheminformatics
Optimize small molecule drugs
The integration of APT's core competencies form a powerful knowledge-based, computer-aided drug discovery engine that can greatly accelerate the drug development cycles. With genomics becoming a primary driving force of the drug discovery process, APT's protein informatics technology can precisely identifying the correct therapeutic proteins and drug targets. As therapeutic protein candidates are identified, the properties of the proteins can be enhanced to increase the probability of clinical success. Finally, APT's protein cheminformatics provides a powerful computational solution for developing and optimizing small molecule drug leads.